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Here in the UK, most of us know that in countries around the world with high levels of corruption, the powerful often steal public money and keep it for themselves. What we know less about is where the money ends up…

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ORIGINS THE The origins


At the expense of their country's people, corrupt individuals help themselves to public funds or money made from illegal activities such as drugs or crime.

Outstretched corrupt hand holds paper plane made from cash
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MONEY MEANT FOR BUILDING HOSPITALS Money meant for building hospitals
Illustration showing hospitals and schools fading away to nothing
Schools in POORER countries… and schools in poorer countries
paper plane flies over buildings as they disappear
Illustration of British Virgin Islands
cloud image cloud image cloud image
Paper plane is seen flying over islands
SENT TO …instead GETS OFFSHORE H A V E N S Instead gets sent to offshore havens


Offshore havens, such as British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, are often favoured by the corrupt due to secretive legal systems created to mask identities.

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Paper plane flies into small Russian doll
Anonymous Russian Doll bottom half
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Larger Russian Doll top half
Even larger Russian Doll bottom half
Even Larger Russian Doll top half
Largest Russian Doll bottom half
Largest Russian Doll top half
THE MONEY THEN BRITISH 'ENABLERS' PASSES THROUGH The money then passes through British 'enablers' THE MONEY THEN BRITISH 'ENABLERS' PASSES THROUGH The money then passes through British 'enablers'


When the money reaches British soil, the corrupt need UK professionals such as lawyers and estate agents to smoothly pass the money along, each time further masking its source.

rising waterline


London skyline engulfed in rising tide


dark shadow fills London streets
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WITH ON COMMUNITIESIN THE UK UNKNOWN EFFECTS With unknown effects on communities in the UK

As the corrupt make a house a home for their illicit wealth, particularly in London, ordinary people struggle to rent or buy property and local businesses decline.

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UK property is giving the global corrupt a home for their ill-gotten gains. This has got to stop for the good of citizens at home and abroad.

What you can do to help

Join us and call on Eric Pickles MP (UK Anti-Corruption Champion) to establish transparency over who owns the companies that own so much property in our country. Overseas investment itself isn't bad — but money intended for schools and hospitals overseas being spent on a Mayfair mansion is. And amidst the UK housing crisis, the public deserve to know who really owns Britain.

Sign our petition, share this site on Twitter and Facebook, sign up for campaign updates, and read more about corrupt money in the UK. Together, we can unmask the corrupt.

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How many properties in your borough are owned by offshore companies?

Read more about the campaign and corrupt money in the UK

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